Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to Basics: Composition

While, waiting for my scenes to render in After Effects and using my spare time at work I did some composition exercises :) Tried some while watching Confessions or Kokohaku and Let the Right One In (The Swedish Version). 

Both, films are amazing and have great composition and visuals :) Not to mention awesome story! :)

You guys should watch them! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yin and Yang

I made a farewell gift for my dear best friend! :) 

I conceptualized in a yin and yang way because we are both different but still we balance each other out. 

Will be missing you terribly. Thank you for everything! 

Hope to see you soon! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to Basics: Colored Pencils

Hey guys!!! :) So for the past few months, i've been trying to improve myself as an artist. And one way of doing that is going back to the basic. :) 

So one of the things I went back to are......

You've seen my fruits in my old post. 

Here are some pieces I did to practice. And to make it a bit challenging, I tried to do portraits. :) I have to practice once in a while in this medium, so i won't forget how to do it. :) 

This was the first one I tried. 

Actually, I've done colored pencils, but it was a long time ago...2 years ago in fact and it wasn't as challenging as the one I tried now and let's face it,


sorry.... hehe.

 This time I tried small amount of colors. Just basic ones so I can learn to blend and not rely on the color that is there. :) 

Like, not using black colored pencils for black color but used purple, blue and green to make a black effect. :P hehe

Though I know I still lack in proportion, I will keep practicing that too! :)

Just keep swimming...swimming, swimming, swimming or rather...



drawing :)

And this won't be possible, without Sir Uy's help! :) Thank you soooo much for your patience, time and awesome guidance! :D

BTW, sorry for the poorly scanned photos of it. My scanner sucks! :P 

Will be posting some more! Stay Tuned! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Inspiring speech

This afternoon, while taking a break from work, I stumbled upon Alina Chau's Commencement Speech. Click here to read or watch it. I've actually followed her blog and a fan of her work. They really are nice and incredible pieces. :) You guys should check it out. 

Anyway, her speech really hit hard on me. She got me thinking about things and really inspired me. :)  Any artist still in school and is about to graduate should read it. And I bet, they will be inspired as well. Her speech not only is inspiring but a helpful reminder about things a fresh grad or any artist goes through. 

Thank you once more, Alina! :) (if ever you do get to read this post. :P hehe) Thank you for sharing your wonderful speech and experiences. :) and thank you for reminding such valuable things we, artist, seem to forget with all the work and chaos happening around us. I greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you 

Thank you 

Thank you

More power to you, Alina! :) 

Jam packed weekend

Last weekend was just fully loaded. :)

Friday: Went to Quiapo with my self-defense class to buy some cheap arnis sticks and red jogging pants for our belting. :) Awesome field trip! :D

Saturday: Me and my highschool barkada went to Nuvali in Laguna to do wakeboarding. It was my first time and boy do I....suck! :)) hahaha but it was fun none the less. :D Awesome experience! :D Fun, fun, fun. Then, we had dinner at Chili's :D 

Sunday: Had a garage sale in my best friend's place. She'll be leaving in less than a month and her family had to sell most of their stuff before leaving. Naki-salo lang ako :P hahaha i was bit late when I came so I only sold small amount of things. 

BTW, that saturday I bought a stylus for my ipad and tried to do some sketches. And these little sketches I drew above (and below) are the results :) hehe

The colors are limited and the "undo" button is not an option in the apps that I've used. :)) hehe So it was 
pretty, challenging to use it. But, its a good sketchbook if your not doing anything with an ipad! :) A very good way to practice some drawing skills. :)

I know, I suck at digipainting! :)) hahaha I shall practice! :D Will improve...I shall improve! :) 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nostalgia: 35th

Cannot believe my high school alma mater will be celebrating their 35th year! :) 

It's been a while since I've seen it and my golly goodness... 
it has changed.

It brought back some memories


made a little sketch and gif to showcase my nostalgia, reminiscing memories, 
and to congratulate for its 35th years! :) 

Thank you for everything! :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Because of guilt, joy and self-defense

Guilt- Its been a while since I've posted. Was guilty not posting anything. So, here I go. :D

Joy- Just got some new thing I've been wanting to buy! :D Happiness in full glory! :D Didn't need to go all the way to MOA to buy this. :D
It's a padded stick :) Para di ka masyadong masaktan. :P My trainer said, it's better you feel the pain, so you know how much the impact it will give your opponent. :)

Self-Defense: I've been attending Self-Defense classes for a few months now! :D So, awesome!!!! :D:D It's actually the Philippine Sport, Arnis!!! :) Through arnis, you can learn so much in self-defense. We learned some self-defense moves if ever we were in a hold-up situation or any bad situation. Learned to use knives (attack and defense). But for now, we are in our Arnis formal training. Been preparing for the belting... >.<
Shooooocks! It's been years since I came close to some belting ceremony and that was in taekwondo... (did not like my experience there though...:( ) The sport is awesome don't get me wrong, I guess with my age (was 10 and wasn't really into it. The same old..."I was forced by my parents routine") then and the people I was in made it really an unpleasant experience. So its pretty much nerve wracking. haha But really fun. :)

You guys should try it! :D And the cool thing is, its our very own sport!!!!! :D So, goooo!!! It's really coooool! You'd feel like a JEDI! :D I proooomise! :D haha

Long time no post

Hello guys! :) It's been a while haha sorry for not posting for such a long time.

Anyway, been busy with life, work and other things. :P hehe Will be posting soon things I've learned for the past couple of months! :D Hopefully these things I've learned can tell that I've improved! :D Tuloy-tuloy lang and practice, practice, practice, practice, practice lang and I can be better :D

As you can see one of the things I've learned is to make a GIF!!!! :D:D WOHOOOO!!!! :)) haha Notice thy profile picture up there?
IT'S A GIF! :D hahaha One of my tinsy winsy little dream is to make something like a Pascal Campion profile picture thing...and tadaaaa!!! :D:D wohoooo!!!! one check mark in my bucket list! :P hehe

Just so you know, I also learned Adobe Illustrator (finally!) (Notice too, that profile picture was done in Illustrator. Such an awesomeness, Illustrator is :D) It's actually fun and easy! It's like photoshop na flash! :P hehe Post some work soon done in Adobe Illustrator. :D Then I've learned more in After Effects! :D WOHOOO!!! :D:D Shall post some works too! And hopefully add it in my portfolio.

There are some effects or processes I wanted to do too that most of my idols do. Hopefully I can do them. Konting tiaga lang! :D hehe Will post some works too then! :D

So see you soon again! :) I promise i shall post soon. :D hehe

BTW, thanks to some awesome people who taught me so much these couple of months: Sir Uy, Miss Aileen and Co. (from Fully Booked in Greenbelt), Sir Chino, Yolec, Sheila and Kara! :D Such nice people teaching me patiently! :D Wohooo!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colored Pencil sketch

It's been a long time since I used colored pencils. I wanted to use it again and practice coloring. :) I know I still need improvement, so need to practice practice practice. :) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sorry, it's been a long time since i've updated.
I practiced and tried to do something different. Gotta 
practice more! :) 

Friday, February 17, 2012

A little something for a friend

This is an illustration I made for my friend Monica Castillo. :) She's a classmate of mine who'll be further studying in Singapore in the awesome school FZD school of Design. (Wohoooo!!!) :) hehe It's my good-bye and good luck gift to her. If you want to see her awesome work just click her name. 

It's suppose to be raining blessings but it didn't seem to look like that. :P I was in a hurry coz she was about to leave sorry. :P haha 

I was inspired by one of my inspiration and idol artist. He's name is Alberto Cerriteno and he's so awesome. :) Hehe Actually almost of my illustration was inspired by him. :) Just scroll down to look at them :) For you to see his awesome and whimsical work click his name. He has tons of amazing work there. :) He even makes stylized animation. :D

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Sketch012812

Before the day ends, here are some sketches I did to practice. :) I used a brush pen and ink. It's pretty fun to use :) At first I was scared of making mistakes, but as I used it kinda got the hang of it :) I would like to thank Nicole Mendoza, a friend of mine. who keeps reminding me to just keep on going and keep on drawing. :D And Gabi Dimaranan for telling me about the brush pen! :D hehe             

I know there might be mistakes but that's okay, i'm trying to learn. :) LEZZZZDOOOHDIZZZ THAAANG! :D hehe *GAME FACE* on. :D

Sunday Sketch :)

Some sketches I did last Sunday. :) We were having a family dinner with my cousins, titos and titas (uncles and aunties in english).

doodle: happy chinese new year

Late post for the chinese new year :P Practiced a bit but couldn't finish it. hehe I actually don't know what's lacking but I know there are still some "spaces" to fill up. hehe Guess i need to improve and practice more :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gesture Time :)

I know I am not good at gestures but i really do want to learn and get better. So I need to keep practicing and drawing :) I don't know but i just love gestures. It's so flow-y and its like a dance :) hehe And how much emotions they capture that it tells a story. *Sigh* I really do want to learn to draw gestures just like Alex Woo, Glenn Vilppu, Walt Stanchfield, Dave Pimentel and many more Artists i admire. :) hehe Baby Steps, baby steps. 

Practice, practice, practice. It is really frustrating not to get them. That... feeling, you want to draw them but you cannot translate it to paper. :( But, need to persevere. :) 
Day3 part1
Day3 part2

Just a heads up, this is not continued days. Just placed the time i tried practicing gesture drawing. So below is the 5th time i tried it. hehe Just wanted to call it 'days'. 
Day5 of practicing gesture drawing

Hopefully, I do get better at this. :) Sometimes I feel the pressure of the need to get better and that I am left behind. But I always keep this in mind, "
a squirrel cannot carry a mountain on its back and the mountain can never crack a nut." :) A very inspiring teacher told me that. :) So, I just need to keep working hard and persevere. :) 

I shall update more of my gesture practicing and some works :D See you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sketch practice

Made another doodle today. Tried to practice a bit. I kinda don't know where to put the hands. Still need to practice that. :( I hope i get better. Hehe 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys :) I know a little too late for the post and yes i do apologize for not updating sooner. Hehe

I am pretty much rusty in my drawing skills after thesis. hehe so i need a lot of practice. And hopefully post my doodle or whatever. :) hehe and of course, hoping i can improve. 

Here are some drawings i made coz i got inspired by Headless Production's whimsical stories and characters. :)

Pea and Boop doodle1
Pea and Boop doodle2
I know i need some improvement when it comes to drawing but i love creating stories and concepts and a teacher of mine told me i was good at storytelling and maybe make a book so i wondered if i can make a storybook... maybe? haha And i wondered maybe i would make a story about a little girl named Pea who see imaginary friends and monsters roaming the world and hears their real thought about their jobs as a "imaginary friend" and "monsters" to kids with the help of her own imaginary friend BOOP :) It's still shaky but hey! its a concept :)) haha let's see.