Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Inspiring speech

This afternoon, while taking a break from work, I stumbled upon Alina Chau's Commencement Speech. Click here to read or watch it. I've actually followed her blog and a fan of her work. They really are nice and incredible pieces. :) You guys should check it out. 

Anyway, her speech really hit hard on me. She got me thinking about things and really inspired me. :)  Any artist still in school and is about to graduate should read it. And I bet, they will be inspired as well. Her speech not only is inspiring but a helpful reminder about things a fresh grad or any artist goes through. 

Thank you once more, Alina! :) (if ever you do get to read this post. :P hehe) Thank you for sharing your wonderful speech and experiences. :) and thank you for reminding such valuable things we, artist, seem to forget with all the work and chaos happening around us. I greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you 

Thank you 

Thank you

More power to you, Alina! :) 

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