Tuesday, February 26, 2013

thumbnail practice: with you

Another thumbnail practice (in my own design) before going to bed! :) Night night! :)

WR inspired

Hello! :) I actually went to my high school to visit a friend of mine who's teaching there. :) It was sooo nice to surprise her and catch up with her even if it was just for a few moment. :P Then did some sketches. 

Then I had an urge to thumbnail practice and used my sketches. :) It's a first for me to thumbnail practice my own sketches. :) hehe Hopefully I can keep on doing this in my future illustrations. It does help a lot especially on values and how I'll be working on it. ;)

Will be finishing this illustration one day! :) Hopefully it will turn out great :)) hehe Will be using more of my sketch composition too if I have a chance! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Away you go

Made a fan art of one of my favorite and admired artist, Ryan Andrews's recent comic :) Just got so inspired to make one. :P 

Loved his recent comic. If you want to read it here's the link: This Was Our Pact. It was actually nice of him to share it for free. :) Hope I could buy his compiled comic when it is published. Hehe It was actually in kickstart but I had no clue how it works...got confused how it works by the time I wanted to try and buy it...it ended. :( hehe Oh well, will wait for his FULLY COMPILED comics one day! :P

In this illustration I twicked it a bit. The lantern I made was inspired by the one in Tangled. :) And instead of a chinese or japanese wordings in the lantern which is usually the case, I mimic my native's old alphabet which is called BAYBAYIN. It writes, mahiwagang isda which means magical fish. :) And that person was suppose to be me... but it was a failed attempt! :)) hahaha oh well...its a working progress. :P

And here are my sketches I made before I made the final one :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

thumbnail practice

It's been my dream to illustrate amazing and story driven illustrations. Just like the works of Pascal Campion, Pricilla Wong, Stevie Ray, Ryan Andrews, Maike Plenzke and a lot more artist I admire, I want to capture the amazing illustration. And to be able to do that, I learned I need to practice my values, composition, mood and of course digipainting.

On the past few weeks, thanks to a professor I am also working with named sir Patrick and tips from my co-workers like Sheila Lee, Kara Leonardia and a lot more (And yes, I have my outmost praise and thanks to them! :) Learned a tons from them!) I've learned few things to achieve my dream. :P hehe

In my first attempt, this is what've done:

Need to work on the blending thing and more :P hehe BTW, I used a beautiful photo reference for this, just to clarify! :P hehe not mine! :)

Then upon practicing some more, Sir Patrick told me to make thumbnails. Instead of working on the canvas in a large scale, I have to zoom it out and work on it. Use a huge brush and just get the essentials first then details later. :)

So here are some of thumbnailing and again, I used references on it. Usually I get shots from movies which have amazing cinematography. :)

upper left: Skyfall (2012),  lower left: Still Life (2006) and a photograph for the right one 

reference: from a photograph
Will keep practicing! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

code: P.P. and P

I made this illustration for a personal project and of course for practice. :)

Tried to do Ellioli Sister's style which is to use solid colors and use brushes for texture and Pricilla Wong. I tried this because I was used to solid colors. Wasn't really good at painting it impromptu which some artists are more adapt. But I've got to try that. hehe

But, I still need to work on my values, digipaint and composition. :) Thanks to the past few weeks, I've been learning a lot. And I am very thankful and grateful for a lot of people because of that. :)

I'll try to scan the gesture drawings I've been working on. Let's see if I've improved. ;)

road to improvement: digipainting

Hello! :) It's been awhile since I've posted. Been busy finishing a project called Frere and it just finished this January. :)  It's a previledge to work on a project and meet incredible people. :) Now, I am back to practice becoming a better artist. hehe

Digipainting has been one of my challenges as an artist. I don't really know how to paint in photoshop. Usually I use pen tool, textures and brushes. I never did the blending thing. I didn't really know how to work on it.

Thanks to some people who've been encouraging me and gave me some tips and teach me, I've kept trying and trying. And here are some of things I've done.

I tried to make an illustration using one of the artist I admire the Elioli Sisters's tutorial and style. Here it is:

Still got to work on my values and composition. And because of that, I'm now studying values using black and white while working on my composition as well.

Another one of my practices:

Trying to get the hang of it. :P hehe