Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rag Doll Production

Still busy with thesis. hehe

But I am proud to share one of the things I've accomplished for my thesis. :)

This is my production name: Rag doll Production :)
I came up with this name because I wanted the production to represent me. And I like to be different. And I kept thinking of things that were different until I came up with Barbie dolls and I thought what's the other side of barbie dolls, hmmmm... rag dolls, perhaps? :)

Then I was inspired by the famous rag doll, Raggedy Ann and one of my favorite artist, Mr. Alberto Cerriteno. So here it is, my production name :D

So there you have it. Hope you like it, guys! :D

Comments and Suggestions are always welcome :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful Monster

Funny how in one picture you could come up with so much things. :)

Today, I was doing one of my concept art for my thesis. I was playing around with the design when suddenly I saw something forming. I can see a monster or owl in it.

So, i made eyes, some feathers, a funny nose and VOILA!


I just got this title from the song I was listening to, while making my concept art which was Neyo's "Beautiful Monster". :P

This is what I was making (so far, not really yet done):

BTW if your are interested on the outcome of the finished product of concept art, here it is:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Character design for my thesis :)

Hello! Hello! :) It's been a while. Here's my character design for my thesis. :) It still needs to be approved by my prof. but I like to share it with you guys! :D

What do you think? :P hehe

comments and suggestions are welcome :)