Thursday, September 26, 2013

There is no turning back

Been a while since I’ve made an illustration. And man do I miss it! :) I’ll try to make at least once a week coz I am pretty busy with classes! :P This week, was all about VALUES and I just want to incorporate that. :) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Digi-painting practice

Decided to practice digi-painting with reference and this is zee rezuuult! :) 

Got to get better on it though. :P hehe 

As what Linguini would say: "Let's do this thing!" :)

I finally found you

Recently watched the lovely bittersweet "Millennium Actress" and got inspired by it so I made some thumbnail studies :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Update: The Alhambra Challenge

Update: The Alhambra Challenge

More Value Thumbnail studies

Remember the last post? I wasn't too happy with one value thumbnail study? So I made three more! :)

***Note: The 1st value thumbnail is on the top left! :P

I played and experimented on the values so I can get the effect or mood I wanted for this illustration! :)

I even tried to experiment with composition and spaces. Like doing a frame within a frame but I think it didn't work well because there were so many things going inside the frame) Hehe ohwell, it's an experiment so it's alright!

I'll try to do some more or do you guys think this is okay? :) 

Let me know what you think! :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update: The Alhambra Challenge

Update: The Alhambra Challenge 

So, I tried doing a value thumbnail and with that help, I got into color thumb (which is the one you can see at the rightmost). I wanted to practice/explore/experiment with colors that could be suited with the value thumbnail that I made. Then tried some color comp (which is the one on the bottom). 

Though I feel there is something missing. I don't know quite sure what it is but I think its something to do with what mood I want to achieve or something. :P hehe So I figured to make some more value thumbnails. 

Bare with me, I am not so good with coloring, or digi-paint for that matter. I am not good with painting straight away as some artist are more comfortable. :P hehe I think I need to do some thumbnail-ing first before going into it (from value to color). So now, I am doing some self-studying when it comes to this kind of things. :P Pretty much this is one of the things I struggle after perspective but I am eager to learn and get better. :)

Hopefully as time passes I do. :) will update more ones I get the hang of it! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Update: Triple Time with Triple WIPS

Update: Triple Time with Triple WIPS

The Alhambra Challenge: Doing my values and next will be my color comping. Been really researching and self study digi-painting. Getting some tips from Elioli sistersTy Carter and Griselda Sastrawinata. (Check them also out! :) They have great work and give some great tips as well!)

The Moroccan Pan A to B bg interior Challenge: I am almost done with my rough. Off to designing the walls and finally do the final outline.

The Night Life in the streets of Japan Challenge: Almost done with the rough.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Triple Time with Triple WIPS Challenge

Double Time  Triple Time with Triple WIPS

Hello Guys! :)

 Just here to place some few other WIPS I am also working on side by side with The Alhambra.
So to sum it all up and to catch on it: 

I am currently doing:

1) The Alhambra Challenge- Now I am working on the Final look
2) The Moroccan Pan A to B bg interior Challenge- In the process of thumbnail-ing and will soon choose which one to work on as the design. Then go straight into rough sketch.
3) The Night Life in the streets of Japan Challenge- Doing the Rough Sketch.

REASONS for doing this Triple Time with Triple WIPS Challenge:

-To keep on practicing perspective, layout-ing using references I take interest on. 

-To find and discover mistakes, problems I might encounter and to work on as soon as this early in my life than having them on the job which will cause dilemma in my work, and the production. (Though I am not saying I will be perfect by then. :P I know I'll encounter mistakes and problems but at least lessen them.) 

-To create an illustration with proper BG, which is the technical aspect of perspective.

-To keep on practicing and to keep getting used to loads of workload. Especially my goal is to get into the Animation Industry which demands a lot of work. So, to be prepared, to be ready, to not get too comfortable and to not let my guards down if workload lessens.    

Wish me luck guys! Got lots to do! Got loads to improve on! Got tons to learn! :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP: The Alhambra challenge

Current WIP 

thumbnail > rough sketch > final 

then got to practice color comp with it...hopefully I get there coz most of the time I stop at the final look. This will be my challenge! :)

BTW, this was inspired by The Alhambra where its location is in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It is not mine and all credits to that lovely architecture! :) Made just a little tweak here and there. Just fell in love with Islamic Architecture! :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

What' I've Been up to pt.2

Here are the only things I've colored and used photoshop with since the last I did some color/composition studies and shared them here. 

The first and last are incomplete and the middle one was inspired by a scene in "Pitch Perfect" and did a quick thumbnail practice. The first is actually a thumbnail from a concept I thought of...and I am still quite figuring out how it will turn out. 

Hopefully in the future I can finish the incomplete ones and make new artworks and share them here! :) Bare with me a little! :P hehe Still gots a lot to improve on! :)

My progress is just like how a baby tries to learn how to walk. No matter small and shake-ie it is still progress and improvement! :) 

What I've been up to pt.1

Hello! :) 

It's been awhile since I've uploaded anything and for that I do apologize! :( I've been busy with a few things that's why I couldn't upload any illustration or artwork.

***Though I made a small little thumbnail practicing colors. I shall upload in a while or one day. :P 
However few of those things I've been doing lately are the things I am now sharing! :)

Been practicing perspective, layout, composition and here are some of the results. 

The first ones are from the thumbnails > to roughs > to the final one. I've been fascinated by Victorian Houses and I wanted to try making one! :P hehe

Then I tried to make another exercise other than a victorian houses and I researched some Moroccan or anything SouthEastern Asian Country's Palaces! I fell in love with its intricate interior details and its structure! They are just so beautiful. I'll try to make some more of those! :)

Then there is the japanese temples and the city night life where you see the shining bright lights of the shops! I just wanted to try those kinds of composition and hopefully make an illustration out of these thumbnails! >.< So excited! 

I do still struggle few things in perspective, the outline-ing the roughs for the final look and once putting color to the composition. >.< That I need to practice to get better! But, my mentor did say I've been improving. :) And that's good enough for me. This takes time and patience. I just need to keep working hard and persevere. 

Baby Steps! Baby Steps! Baby Steps! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Studies/thumbnail-ing 070213

Hello! :) Such a long time hasn't it? hehe

Sorry for the long upload, been busy...I didn't even get to finish my previews WIPs because of all the things I need fixing but realized I still need to practice and keep going! :P

So, one of the few things I am busy about are some BG/perspective learning and some layout animation exercises and practices. :) Got to say loving every bit of it! It's bit tricky and difficult but love learning from it! :D It's a challenge I like to get on with! :D 

And now I kind of have a gist of perspective...I want to apply it on my own idea/concepts but having a hard time translating it from idea > perspective-ing it > to translating it to color or even black and white. And so here I am practicing that again. :P hehe

***P.S.- i also really need to practicing photoshop and the power of the brushes in it! :P hehe***

So here are my thumbnail-ing practices. It took a bit long than the usual fast pace coz its only thumbnailing. Got to practice not to be too detailed and to finish it in a short amount of time. :)

I got some references for the mood and color in the internet but concept/layout/composition is mine :P Will not be doing the illustration yet. Got to practice more and pretty much do more studies! :P hehe 
But I promise will upload if the illustration is done! ;)

So its still progress, right? hehe

Hope to upload more! :D 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

experiment01: Cake and Tea

Hello guys! :) It's been quite a while hasn't? 

Anyway sorry for the sloooooow updates, been busy with a few things and finally I can do some personal work. Maybe little by little coz I am still fixing a few things hehe So bare with me for the future SLOOOOOW updates. hehe

so here is my WIP of my experiment artwork called "Cake and Tea".

Experiment- because I need to practice with photoshop and it lessens the pressure making an artwork and pretty much every artwork is right? ;) hehe

I am almost done with the character and then move on to the BG. Hope I can do this by the end of the week. :P I shall update you with the BG. Bare with me with the outcome of the BG. :P I am not good with it but I would like to practice and get better THUS I am conquering it! :) 

Wish me luck! :D

Monday, May 27, 2013

Warming up in this cold weather

“Warming up in this cold weather”
This illustration was made a few months back but I stopped doing it because of various things I needed to do first and the fact I feel there are still things I need to improve on it. But, I had the “I wanna finish you so bad because I don’t want to work on you and I want to do the other artworks/personal project” feeling. So here it is. 
Up until now, I know there are still things I know I’ve missed in here and I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Maybe I am just so “into it” that I need a breather and finish it for now. Maybe once I get to have space, more experience, and time I’d do it again and make it better! :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Frog Prince and the Princess

"The Frog Prince and the Princess"

Colored Pencil 2013

A birthday gift for my best friend :)

Queen Bee

"Queen Bee"

Colored Pencil 2013

Girl + Flower Crown

"Girl + Flower Crown"

Colored Pencil 2013 

Updates and Apologies

Hello folks! :)

And yes, I am guilty of NOT UPDATING. :( Yes, I do apologize. I said I'll be posting here but... c'mon blogger... you're so hard to update. :( It's hard to load photos in here not like tumblr.  :( So it really takes a while. And its hard for my to upload thru my phone which I usually do once I do some updating or WIPs. But not to worry, I will update. :) 

In a few minutes... unless...blogger wants to take a long time updating. :( sorry folks! But, please go to my tumblr if you want the updates. Pretty much its WIPs or teasers which you've missed. My decent images aren't yet up there, so no worries! :) 

And for my tumblr folks there... i shall upload some of my old works so you get to see my old works! :D 

Just click on the TUMBLR to see my other art blog! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Colored Pencil drawing progress

One of my colored pencil drawings/practices progress :)

***I've been inspired to go back to traditional lately hehe I kinda miss it despite me having to get better at it :) No worries, practice, practice and practice can improve that! :)

Colored Pencil sketches/drawings/experiments/practice

Some colored pencil drawings/practices/experiments! :)
One is not yet done :P hehe got really frustrated with the hair. Will be finishing it! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pencil Sketches/Practices/experiments

Some pencil drawings/sketches/practices/experiments :) 

Things I struggle on: Hair, proportion and other angles (side view and 3/4th) (cries on one corner :)) hehe)

No worries, I shall keep practicing! :D Let's do this! :D 

Night night for now! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pencil drawing

I made a little thank you pencil drawing for my dad's friend. :) 

It's been a while since I've used a pencil and I need to keep practicing. :P hehe 

I was actually inspired by an amazing artist, Paulette Jo. Go and visit her page! :) Her works are amazing! :)

Now, I wanna keep drawing some more pencil, colored pencil and watercolor!!! :D Thank you for inspiring me Ms. Paulette! :) 

Sorry about the quality... :( My scanner isn't that powerful enough. T.T and another reason I can't share my sketches with you guys. :( No worries, the office has a gigantic amazing scanner, and will scan as soon as I get back to work in three days :) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP series: Probinsya (Province)

Before I go to sleep, here's my WIP series for my illustration "Probinya" (Province).

Kinda happy at the beginning but at the last minute...something went off. :( Maybe its me getting tired or I still need to improve my composition, coloring, mood making.

Will be asking some critic/help/comments tomorrow from my co-workers/mentors/professors. :) Hope to finish this and update you of the finished product! :D 

***if you guys have some critics/comments/suggestions I am all ears! :) I would greatly appreciate it! :) 

Night night! :D

032013 thumbnail practice

Hello folks!!! :)

Yes, I know. I have a lot of late overdue illustrations to share, but they are just so hard. I want to make it the best as I can even if I am still a working progress. hehe 

But while having a break, I made some thumbnail practices to start my new "little projects" and to stay away for a little while from my illustrations I need to finish. :) 

Here are some more of my thumbnail practices! :)

I am not to happy of my 1st and 3rd one. :( I didn't get the right mood I wanted cause of lack in skills. I know I need more improvement and I'll keep practicing until I get it right!!! 


My second thumbnail practice will be a little thank you present I'll be giving away. So, after some few minutes of break I will be working on it! :) Wish me luck to make it really beautiful and to get the mood right! :) 

TITLES of future illustrations from these thumbnail practices:
1) first kiss

2) probinsya (province in english)

3) jeepney ride


Stay tuned for my future illustrations! :D 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tumblr-ing down and tweet tweet-ing away

Hey guys! :) How are you? Hope you all doing well. 

 I decided to make an account in tumblr and join twitter :)

I actually joined in the bandwagon of the tumblr world because as an artist its good to put yourself out there. I hear tumblr is another way to that. I saw a tumblr ask me entry from Betsy Bauer And most of my artist friends do agree that it is a good way to put your work out there for you to be discovered and grow as an artist. And I can follow and learn more artists from the tumblr world! :) 

So, it will be another place for me to share my sketches, illustrations, practices, maybe some doodles. Maybe mainly my final illustrations. :) This blog will still be my home for all my art dumping! :) hehe

***Though be warned, there's still nothing posted in my tumblr. Still figuring it out :) Still need to do some fixing. Maybe I shall post my Woodrose inspired work to start of. :) And will post my two new illustrations there too besides here in my blog! :) So there is something to look forward! :) Wohooo!

Well for twitter? I decided I'd be joining because a friend told me its a good way to contact and connect with wonderful artists you admire. Especially most the artist I do follow in blogger do have twitter. :) It would be a great way to get to know them better, know what's going in their lives in the industry and maybe ask some few pointers (???) hehe if they have the time and are kind enough. :) 

And its a good way for you guys to be updated with my posts in tumblr and blogspot! :) You know, if ever you don't check your dashboards here on blogger. hehe

Here are the links to my Tumblr and Twitter. :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

WIP series: Direct Complementary

Hello folks! :) and hello Direct Complementary!!!! :D:D

So while I am making the Analogous, I am working on this too! 

Once I get tired of making the other, I work on the other one. Hopefully I'll be done by the end of this week and share the final product to you guys :)

Here are some of my initial sketches:

For this, the challenge was the rainy effect in the window. I asked some help from some friends/co-workers/mentors. :) And of course, to get the mood I wanted to take effect while using direct complementary and the color choices that I chose.

Shall update you for the final product! :) Can't wait for the two WIP series to finish! hehe