Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Sketch012812

Before the day ends, here are some sketches I did to practice. :) I used a brush pen and ink. It's pretty fun to use :) At first I was scared of making mistakes, but as I used it kinda got the hang of it :) I would like to thank Nicole Mendoza, a friend of mine. who keeps reminding me to just keep on going and keep on drawing. :D And Gabi Dimaranan for telling me about the brush pen! :D hehe             

I know there might be mistakes but that's okay, i'm trying to learn. :) LEZZZZDOOOHDIZZZ THAAANG! :D hehe *GAME FACE* on. :D

Sunday Sketch :)

Some sketches I did last Sunday. :) We were having a family dinner with my cousins, titos and titas (uncles and aunties in english).

doodle: happy chinese new year

Late post for the chinese new year :P Practiced a bit but couldn't finish it. hehe I actually don't know what's lacking but I know there are still some "spaces" to fill up. hehe Guess i need to improve and practice more :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gesture Time :)

I know I am not good at gestures but i really do want to learn and get better. So I need to keep practicing and drawing :) I don't know but i just love gestures. It's so flow-y and its like a dance :) hehe And how much emotions they capture that it tells a story. *Sigh* I really do want to learn to draw gestures just like Alex Woo, Glenn Vilppu, Walt Stanchfield, Dave Pimentel and many more Artists i admire. :) hehe Baby Steps, baby steps. 

Practice, practice, practice. It is really frustrating not to get them. That... feeling, you want to draw them but you cannot translate it to paper. :( But, need to persevere. :) 
Day3 part1
Day3 part2

Just a heads up, this is not continued days. Just placed the time i tried practicing gesture drawing. So below is the 5th time i tried it. hehe Just wanted to call it 'days'. 
Day5 of practicing gesture drawing

Hopefully, I do get better at this. :) Sometimes I feel the pressure of the need to get better and that I am left behind. But I always keep this in mind, "
a squirrel cannot carry a mountain on its back and the mountain can never crack a nut." :) A very inspiring teacher told me that. :) So, I just need to keep working hard and persevere. :) 

I shall update more of my gesture practicing and some works :D See you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sketch practice

Made another doodle today. Tried to practice a bit. I kinda don't know where to put the hands. Still need to practice that. :( I hope i get better. Hehe 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys :) I know a little too late for the post and yes i do apologize for not updating sooner. Hehe

I am pretty much rusty in my drawing skills after thesis. hehe so i need a lot of practice. And hopefully post my doodle or whatever. :) hehe and of course, hoping i can improve. 

Here are some drawings i made coz i got inspired by Headless Production's whimsical stories and characters. :)

Pea and Boop doodle1
Pea and Boop doodle2
I know i need some improvement when it comes to drawing but i love creating stories and concepts and a teacher of mine told me i was good at storytelling and maybe make a book so i wondered if i can make a storybook... maybe? haha And i wondered maybe i would make a story about a little girl named Pea who see imaginary friends and monsters roaming the world and hears their real thought about their jobs as a "imaginary friend" and "monsters" to kids with the help of her own imaginary friend BOOP :) It's still shaky but hey! its a concept :)) haha let's see.