Monday, January 31, 2011


It is so amazing
when imagination comes swirling inside of you and it just keeps overflowing :)

That's what happened to me today. I was suppose to continue doing my thesis when I wanted to watch for a while. I turned on the television and spotted the animated film, "9". You should watch it too! :D

When I saw this trailer a few months or years ago, I didn't really mind because it was full of robots and it didn't really appeal to me. (I'm sorry, I'm not really a robot or mecha type of person. But i admire people making them. :D It seems so hard. :P) But WOAAH! I was hooked. :P hehehe It was pretty cool. And then one thing led to another, I got my sketchpad and my pen and just kept trying to draw the movement, the unique character designs and so one. :) I got irritated though because my pen ran out and I was so into the zone. :P hehehe

And then I can't get enough of drawing. So, i surfed some more and then I stumbled upon Monster's Inc. :D I kept drawing and drawing. :) I even used markers which I am not confident using because I have no idea how to use it. :P So, I just played with it. It looked decent (?) I guess. :P haha
This i got inspiration from watching "Megamind" :P
I did this drawing from "Presto". :P hehe

I never knew watching t.v. could be so inspirational. I had always thought it would be hard to draw while watching. I prefer practicing or drawing with still pictures but i was wrong! It was great! :D I got pumped up! :P hahaha I should do this more often. :)

See? Even I got so carried away writing and sharing this experience with you guys. Anyway, here are my sketches/drawings while I was pumped up. It's not so great but hey, i got inspired. I shall keep on practicing markers too! :D

Ohya! i totally forgot to update you guys. sorry, its been long. Thesis here, thesis there...thesis is everywhere. But i shall try to update. ;)