Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Inspiring speech

This afternoon, while taking a break from work, I stumbled upon Alina Chau's Commencement Speech. Click here to read or watch it. I've actually followed her blog and a fan of her work. They really are nice and incredible pieces. :) You guys should check it out. 

Anyway, her speech really hit hard on me. She got me thinking about things and really inspired me. :)  Any artist still in school and is about to graduate should read it. And I bet, they will be inspired as well. Her speech not only is inspiring but a helpful reminder about things a fresh grad or any artist goes through. 

Thank you once more, Alina! :) (if ever you do get to read this post. :P hehe) Thank you for sharing your wonderful speech and experiences. :) and thank you for reminding such valuable things we, artist, seem to forget with all the work and chaos happening around us. I greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you 

Thank you 

Thank you

More power to you, Alina! :) 

Jam packed weekend

Last weekend was just fully loaded. :)

Friday: Went to Quiapo with my self-defense class to buy some cheap arnis sticks and red jogging pants for our belting. :) Awesome field trip! :D

Saturday: Me and my highschool barkada went to Nuvali in Laguna to do wakeboarding. It was my first time and boy do I....suck! :)) hahaha but it was fun none the less. :D Awesome experience! :D Fun, fun, fun. Then, we had dinner at Chili's :D 

Sunday: Had a garage sale in my best friend's place. She'll be leaving in less than a month and her family had to sell most of their stuff before leaving. Naki-salo lang ako :P hahaha i was bit late when I came so I only sold small amount of things. 

BTW, that saturday I bought a stylus for my ipad and tried to do some sketches. And these little sketches I drew above (and below) are the results :) hehe

The colors are limited and the "undo" button is not an option in the apps that I've used. :)) hehe So it was 
pretty, challenging to use it. But, its a good sketchbook if your not doing anything with an ipad! :) A very good way to practice some drawing skills. :)

I know, I suck at digipainting! :)) hahaha I shall practice! :D Will improve...I shall improve! :) 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nostalgia: 35th

Cannot believe my high school alma mater will be celebrating their 35th year! :) 

It's been a while since I've seen it and my golly goodness... 
it has changed.

It brought back some memories


made a little sketch and gif to showcase my nostalgia, reminiscing memories, 
and to congratulate for its 35th years! :) 

Thank you for everything! :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Because of guilt, joy and self-defense

Guilt- Its been a while since I've posted. Was guilty not posting anything. So, here I go. :D

Joy- Just got some new thing I've been wanting to buy! :D Happiness in full glory! :D Didn't need to go all the way to MOA to buy this. :D
It's a padded stick :) Para di ka masyadong masaktan. :P My trainer said, it's better you feel the pain, so you know how much the impact it will give your opponent. :)

Self-Defense: I've been attending Self-Defense classes for a few months now! :D So, awesome!!!! :D:D It's actually the Philippine Sport, Arnis!!! :) Through arnis, you can learn so much in self-defense. We learned some self-defense moves if ever we were in a hold-up situation or any bad situation. Learned to use knives (attack and defense). But for now, we are in our Arnis formal training. Been preparing for the belting... >.<
Shooooocks! It's been years since I came close to some belting ceremony and that was in taekwondo... (did not like my experience there though...:( ) The sport is awesome don't get me wrong, I guess with my age (was 10 and wasn't really into it. The same old..."I was forced by my parents routine") then and the people I was in made it really an unpleasant experience. So its pretty much nerve wracking. haha But really fun. :)

You guys should try it! :D And the cool thing is, its our very own sport!!!!! :D So, goooo!!! It's really coooool! You'd feel like a JEDI! :D I proooomise! :D haha

Long time no post

Hello guys! :) It's been a while haha sorry for not posting for such a long time.

Anyway, been busy with life, work and other things. :P hehe Will be posting soon things I've learned for the past couple of months! :D Hopefully these things I've learned can tell that I've improved! :D Tuloy-tuloy lang and practice, practice, practice, practice, practice lang and I can be better :D

As you can see one of the things I've learned is to make a GIF!!!! :D:D WOHOOOO!!!! :)) haha Notice thy profile picture up there?
IT'S A GIF! :D hahaha One of my tinsy winsy little dream is to make something like a Pascal Campion profile picture thing...and tadaaaa!!! :D:D wohoooo!!!! one check mark in my bucket list! :P hehe

Just so you know, I also learned Adobe Illustrator (finally!) (Notice too, that profile picture was done in Illustrator. Such an awesomeness, Illustrator is :D) It's actually fun and easy! It's like photoshop na flash! :P hehe Post some work soon done in Adobe Illustrator. :D Then I've learned more in After Effects! :D WOHOOO!!! :D:D Shall post some works too! And hopefully add it in my portfolio.

There are some effects or processes I wanted to do too that most of my idols do. Hopefully I can do them. Konting tiaga lang! :D hehe Will post some works too then! :D

So see you soon again! :) I promise i shall post soon. :D hehe

BTW, thanks to some awesome people who taught me so much these couple of months: Sir Uy, Miss Aileen and Co. (from Fully Booked in Greenbelt), Sir Chino, Yolec, Sheila and Kara! :D Such nice people teaching me patiently! :D Wohooo!!!!