Wednesday, June 19, 2013

experiment01: Cake and Tea

Hello guys! :) It's been quite a while hasn't? 

Anyway sorry for the sloooooow updates, been busy with a few things and finally I can do some personal work. Maybe little by little coz I am still fixing a few things hehe So bare with me for the future SLOOOOOW updates. hehe

so here is my WIP of my experiment artwork called "Cake and Tea".

Experiment- because I need to practice with photoshop and it lessens the pressure making an artwork and pretty much every artwork is right? ;) hehe

I am almost done with the character and then move on to the BG. Hope I can do this by the end of the week. :P I shall update you with the BG. Bare with me with the outcome of the BG. :P I am not good with it but I would like to practice and get better THUS I am conquering it! :) 

Wish me luck! :D