Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jam packed weekend

Last weekend was just fully loaded. :)

Friday: Went to Quiapo with my self-defense class to buy some cheap arnis sticks and red jogging pants for our belting. :) Awesome field trip! :D

Saturday: Me and my highschool barkada went to Nuvali in Laguna to do wakeboarding. It was my first time and boy do I....suck! :)) hahaha but it was fun none the less. :D Awesome experience! :D Fun, fun, fun. Then, we had dinner at Chili's :D 

Sunday: Had a garage sale in my best friend's place. She'll be leaving in less than a month and her family had to sell most of their stuff before leaving. Naki-salo lang ako :P hahaha i was bit late when I came so I only sold small amount of things. 

BTW, that saturday I bought a stylus for my ipad and tried to do some sketches. And these little sketches I drew above (and below) are the results :) hehe

The colors are limited and the "undo" button is not an option in the apps that I've used. :)) hehe So it was 
pretty, challenging to use it. But, its a good sketchbook if your not doing anything with an ipad! :) A very good way to practice some drawing skills. :)

I know, I suck at digipainting! :)) hahaha I shall practice! :D Will improve...I shall improve! :) 

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