Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys :) I know a little too late for the post and yes i do apologize for not updating sooner. Hehe

I am pretty much rusty in my drawing skills after thesis. hehe so i need a lot of practice. And hopefully post my doodle or whatever. :) hehe and of course, hoping i can improve. 

Here are some drawings i made coz i got inspired by Headless Production's whimsical stories and characters. :)

Pea and Boop doodle1
Pea and Boop doodle2
I know i need some improvement when it comes to drawing but i love creating stories and concepts and a teacher of mine told me i was good at storytelling and maybe make a book so i wondered if i can make a storybook... maybe? haha And i wondered maybe i would make a story about a little girl named Pea who see imaginary friends and monsters roaming the world and hears their real thought about their jobs as a "imaginary friend" and "monsters" to kids with the help of her own imaginary friend BOOP :) It's still shaky but hey! its a concept :)) haha let's see. 

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