Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Sketch012812

Before the day ends, here are some sketches I did to practice. :) I used a brush pen and ink. It's pretty fun to use :) At first I was scared of making mistakes, but as I used it kinda got the hang of it :) I would like to thank Nicole Mendoza, a friend of mine. who keeps reminding me to just keep on going and keep on drawing. :D And Gabi Dimaranan for telling me about the brush pen! :D hehe             

I know there might be mistakes but that's okay, i'm trying to learn. :) LEZZZZDOOOHDIZZZ THAAANG! :D hehe *GAME FACE* on. :D

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  1. woooooooo!! may blog ka pala e! Go issel!!! i'm glad you're trying it out now :D haha have fuuun :)