Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long time no post

Hello guys! :) It's been a while haha sorry for not posting for such a long time.

Anyway, been busy with life, work and other things. :P hehe Will be posting soon things I've learned for the past couple of months! :D Hopefully these things I've learned can tell that I've improved! :D Tuloy-tuloy lang and practice, practice, practice, practice, practice lang and I can be better :D

As you can see one of the things I've learned is to make a GIF!!!! :D:D WOHOOOO!!!! :)) haha Notice thy profile picture up there?
IT'S A GIF! :D hahaha One of my tinsy winsy little dream is to make something like a Pascal Campion profile picture thing...and tadaaaa!!! :D:D wohoooo!!!! one check mark in my bucket list! :P hehe

Just so you know, I also learned Adobe Illustrator (finally!) (Notice too, that profile picture was done in Illustrator. Such an awesomeness, Illustrator is :D) It's actually fun and easy! It's like photoshop na flash! :P hehe Post some work soon done in Adobe Illustrator. :D Then I've learned more in After Effects! :D WOHOOO!!! :D:D Shall post some works too! And hopefully add it in my portfolio.

There are some effects or processes I wanted to do too that most of my idols do. Hopefully I can do them. Konting tiaga lang! :D hehe Will post some works too then! :D

So see you soon again! :) I promise i shall post soon. :D hehe

BTW, thanks to some awesome people who taught me so much these couple of months: Sir Uy, Miss Aileen and Co. (from Fully Booked in Greenbelt), Sir Chino, Yolec, Sheila and Kara! :D Such nice people teaching me patiently! :D Wohooo!!!!

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