Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketches part1

Ohhhhkay!!! :D

First of all, I've watched the interview video of one of my idols, Pascal Campion. :D It was beautiful in a way it was inspiring. :)

I had always have the concept na nakakahiya ipakita yung mga drawing ko kasi di pa ako marunong and its not worth to share to people because it is not yet good. But he made me rethink that. :) You should share your work because you will never know what stories you could have said in that certain drawing or sketch. You will never know you are a good storyteller. And sharing your work is part of the CREATIVE PROCESS.

So here are my sketches! I actually finished my ever first sketchpad! :)) hehehe So here they are. No more hiding! :)) hahaha... share na kung i-share! :)

BTW, if there are any similar characters you see or drawings i don't mean to copy them- i just wanted to practice.

And i guess one more thing to practice is for, is drawing something that can give out feelings or emotions to your audience. How to tell a story with those drawings. :D

Thank you again, Mr. Pascal Campion. :) I will do my best! :)

Comments and healthy criticism are welcome :)

Photoshop practice

So, here are my drawings using photoshop. I'm trying to also draw and color in digital. :)

I know there not yet that clean and perfect. But I just want to share to you guys what I have so far. :) Am proud of it. :) At least I can draw and it is a start. :)

Some of them are not shaded and 1 is shaded (but i don't know if it's right... :P) because I'm pretty lost when it comes to your own character's shading. But I am still figuring it out and learning how to do it. :D So, just wait for the updated one :D

I am also acknowledging my friend Nicole Mendoza for helping me in drawing the lips of the blond girl, James Manlangit for teaching the technique in the pen tool thing even if I am lost and i am not applying it I am extremely thankful :D I will one day apply it, proooomise! Just teach me again. hahaha :P (I'm so slooow! :P) and Patrick Soriano for teaching me how to color :D Thank you so much talaga...i know it's a small thing but I appreciate it and thankful. :)


KEEP DRAWING! :D Wohooo!!! :)

Ohya! BTW, if you are wondering why their skins or their colors are really weird, I am trying this thing I observe in some drawings they don't usually use flesh all the time and what I learned from my prof wherein you use different colors to come up with the color you want your audience to see. :P It is hard to explain but... just try to understand. Anyway, I am still in the process of finishing them :D Just wait for the updates. :P hehe

Sketches part3

Here are the 3rd batch! :)

Sketches part2

Here are the second batch :)

I would also like to say that, these drive to push myself to draw more was also the help of the oppurtunity to go to the CG Overdrive in Singapore. And to think I didn't want to go at first. :)

I've learned a lot from the experience and the seminar. It was an eye opener.

So ya, thank you for the oppurtunity! :) Thank you, God. :) Maybe, it was your will for me to go there. You really surprise me with all your plans for me. Thank you! :) Keep surprising me. I will need your full support and help for me to succeed in being an animator, or concept artist, or to be a storyboard artist! Go, go, go!!! :D:D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello :)

Hey there! :D

I know i've not post anything yet or written anything yet since I made this blog. :P I was hesitant to post sketches and some drawings I made.

Well, i am not yet THAT good in drawing...hehe. i am still learning and i am willing to learn :D Keep moving forward and keep drawing. :P hehe

A friend of mine made a post of a quotation from one of my idols and she posted: ‎"The more you draw, the better you're gonna get" -Pascal Campion" Because of this it gave me a little motivation to just post my sketches and drawings. :D Thanks Nicole! :D:D Go, go,go!!! :D:D I can do this! hahaha This quotation will forever stick in my head. :) hahaha

So here it goes! :D I will post sketches and drawings already. (*ehem* Anna Villaluna, mag-post ka na rin ;) hehehe :P Let's do this!)

And anyway, it will be good to see my improvement, right? :) hehehe

I hope you guys who may see my blog one day, enjoy them! :P Healthy criticisms are welcome though :D At least I am learning from other people too! :) Thank you in advance! :)