Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Love

It's been a while. sorry for not updating sooner. :)

I was really busy in school but now it's our term break so I have some time to post things. I am actually thinking of ideas for my thesis and while thinking of ideas I wanted to practice drawing and practice with photoshop :D

So my subjects were my friend and her special someone. :) I played with texture, pen tool and lots more so I can be familiarize with photoshop.

So i made two backgrounds. What do you think is better? I know its a little off and not yet that there but hey! I am practicing so I'll try and try hopefully i get better.

So the first one was actually inspired because of the passionate color red. Well we usually associate color red with love so there you have it! :D And I mixed some brown with it to experiment it.
And this one is inspired by my nearby pillow. I kinda liked the calmness and classic colors and the feel of the pillow so I used it. :)

So there you have it! Comments and Suggestions are appreciated. :D