Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP: The Alhambra challenge

Current WIP 

thumbnail > rough sketch > final 

then got to practice color comp with it...hopefully I get there coz most of the time I stop at the final look. This will be my challenge! :)

BTW, this was inspired by The Alhambra where its location is in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It is not mine and all credits to that lovely architecture! :) Made just a little tweak here and there. Just fell in love with Islamic Architecture! :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

What' I've Been up to pt.2

Here are the only things I've colored and used photoshop with since the last I did some color/composition studies and shared them here. 

The first and last are incomplete and the middle one was inspired by a scene in "Pitch Perfect" and did a quick thumbnail practice. The first is actually a thumbnail from a concept I thought of...and I am still quite figuring out how it will turn out. 

Hopefully in the future I can finish the incomplete ones and make new artworks and share them here! :) Bare with me a little! :P hehe Still gots a lot to improve on! :)

My progress is just like how a baby tries to learn how to walk. No matter small and shake-ie it is still progress and improvement! :) 

What I've been up to pt.1

Hello! :) 

It's been awhile since I've uploaded anything and for that I do apologize! :( I've been busy with a few things that's why I couldn't upload any illustration or artwork.

***Though I made a small little thumbnail practicing colors. I shall upload in a while or one day. :P 
However few of those things I've been doing lately are the things I am now sharing! :)

Been practicing perspective, layout, composition and here are some of the results. 

The first ones are from the thumbnails > to roughs > to the final one. I've been fascinated by Victorian Houses and I wanted to try making one! :P hehe

Then I tried to make another exercise other than a victorian houses and I researched some Moroccan or anything SouthEastern Asian Country's Palaces! I fell in love with its intricate interior details and its structure! They are just so beautiful. I'll try to make some more of those! :)

Then there is the japanese temples and the city night life where you see the shining bright lights of the shops! I just wanted to try those kinds of composition and hopefully make an illustration out of these thumbnails! >.< So excited! 

I do still struggle few things in perspective, the outline-ing the roughs for the final look and once putting color to the composition. >.< That I need to practice to get better! But, my mentor did say I've been improving. :) And that's good enough for me. This takes time and patience. I just need to keep working hard and persevere. 

Baby Steps! Baby Steps! Baby Steps! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Studies/thumbnail-ing 070213

Hello! :) Such a long time hasn't it? hehe

Sorry for the long upload, been busy...I didn't even get to finish my previews WIPs because of all the things I need fixing but realized I still need to practice and keep going! :P

So, one of the few things I am busy about are some BG/perspective learning and some layout animation exercises and practices. :) Got to say loving every bit of it! It's bit tricky and difficult but love learning from it! :D It's a challenge I like to get on with! :D 

And now I kind of have a gist of perspective...I want to apply it on my own idea/concepts but having a hard time translating it from idea > perspective-ing it > to translating it to color or even black and white. And so here I am practicing that again. :P hehe

***P.S.- i also really need to practicing photoshop and the power of the brushes in it! :P hehe***

So here are my thumbnail-ing practices. It took a bit long than the usual fast pace coz its only thumbnailing. Got to practice not to be too detailed and to finish it in a short amount of time. :)

I got some references for the mood and color in the internet but concept/layout/composition is mine :P Will not be doing the illustration yet. Got to practice more and pretty much do more studies! :P hehe 
But I promise will upload if the illustration is done! ;)

So its still progress, right? hehe

Hope to upload more! :D