Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gesture Time :)

I know I am not good at gestures but i really do want to learn and get better. So I need to keep practicing and drawing :) I don't know but i just love gestures. It's so flow-y and its like a dance :) hehe And how much emotions they capture that it tells a story. *Sigh* I really do want to learn to draw gestures just like Alex Woo, Glenn Vilppu, Walt Stanchfield, Dave Pimentel and many more Artists i admire. :) hehe Baby Steps, baby steps. 

Practice, practice, practice. It is really frustrating not to get them. That... feeling, you want to draw them but you cannot translate it to paper. :( But, need to persevere. :) 
Day3 part1
Day3 part2

Just a heads up, this is not continued days. Just placed the time i tried practicing gesture drawing. So below is the 5th time i tried it. hehe Just wanted to call it 'days'. 
Day5 of practicing gesture drawing

Hopefully, I do get better at this. :) Sometimes I feel the pressure of the need to get better and that I am left behind. But I always keep this in mind, "
a squirrel cannot carry a mountain on its back and the mountain can never crack a nut." :) A very inspiring teacher told me that. :) So, I just need to keep working hard and persevere. :) 

I shall update more of my gesture practicing and some works :D See you!

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