Sunday, August 4, 2013

Triple Time with Triple WIPS Challenge

Double Time  Triple Time with Triple WIPS

Hello Guys! :)

 Just here to place some few other WIPS I am also working on side by side with The Alhambra.
So to sum it all up and to catch on it: 

I am currently doing:

1) The Alhambra Challenge- Now I am working on the Final look
2) The Moroccan Pan A to B bg interior Challenge- In the process of thumbnail-ing and will soon choose which one to work on as the design. Then go straight into rough sketch.
3) The Night Life in the streets of Japan Challenge- Doing the Rough Sketch.

REASONS for doing this Triple Time with Triple WIPS Challenge:

-To keep on practicing perspective, layout-ing using references I take interest on. 

-To find and discover mistakes, problems I might encounter and to work on as soon as this early in my life than having them on the job which will cause dilemma in my work, and the production. (Though I am not saying I will be perfect by then. :P I know I'll encounter mistakes and problems but at least lessen them.) 

-To create an illustration with proper BG, which is the technical aspect of perspective.

-To keep on practicing and to keep getting used to loads of workload. Especially my goal is to get into the Animation Industry which demands a lot of work. So, to be prepared, to be ready, to not get too comfortable and to not let my guards down if workload lessens.    

Wish me luck guys! Got lots to do! Got loads to improve on! Got tons to learn! :)

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