Wednesday, March 20, 2013

032013 thumbnail practice

Hello folks!!! :)

Yes, I know. I have a lot of late overdue illustrations to share, but they are just so hard. I want to make it the best as I can even if I am still a working progress. hehe 

But while having a break, I made some thumbnail practices to start my new "little projects" and to stay away for a little while from my illustrations I need to finish. :) 

Here are some more of my thumbnail practices! :)

I am not to happy of my 1st and 3rd one. :( I didn't get the right mood I wanted cause of lack in skills. I know I need more improvement and I'll keep practicing until I get it right!!! 


My second thumbnail practice will be a little thank you present I'll be giving away. So, after some few minutes of break I will be working on it! :) Wish me luck to make it really beautiful and to get the mood right! :) 

TITLES of future illustrations from these thumbnail practices:
1) first kiss

2) probinsya (province in english)

3) jeepney ride


Stay tuned for my future illustrations! :D 

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