Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update: The Alhambra Challenge

Update: The Alhambra Challenge 

So, I tried doing a value thumbnail and with that help, I got into color thumb (which is the one you can see at the rightmost). I wanted to practice/explore/experiment with colors that could be suited with the value thumbnail that I made. Then tried some color comp (which is the one on the bottom). 

Though I feel there is something missing. I don't know quite sure what it is but I think its something to do with what mood I want to achieve or something. :P hehe So I figured to make some more value thumbnails. 

Bare with me, I am not so good with coloring, or digi-paint for that matter. I am not good with painting straight away as some artist are more comfortable. :P hehe I think I need to do some thumbnail-ing first before going into it (from value to color). So now, I am doing some self-studying when it comes to this kind of things. :P Pretty much this is one of the things I struggle after perspective but I am eager to learn and get better. :)

Hopefully as time passes I do. :) will update more ones I get the hang of it! :)

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