Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Studies/thumbnail-ing 070213

Hello! :) Such a long time hasn't it? hehe

Sorry for the long upload, been busy...I didn't even get to finish my previews WIPs because of all the things I need fixing but realized I still need to practice and keep going! :P

So, one of the few things I am busy about are some BG/perspective learning and some layout animation exercises and practices. :) Got to say loving every bit of it! It's bit tricky and difficult but love learning from it! :D It's a challenge I like to get on with! :D 

And now I kind of have a gist of perspective...I want to apply it on my own idea/concepts but having a hard time translating it from idea > perspective-ing it > to translating it to color or even black and white. And so here I am practicing that again. :P hehe

***P.S.- i also really need to practicing photoshop and the power of the brushes in it! :P hehe***

So here are my thumbnail-ing practices. It took a bit long than the usual fast pace coz its only thumbnailing. Got to practice not to be too detailed and to finish it in a short amount of time. :)

I got some references for the mood and color in the internet but concept/layout/composition is mine :P Will not be doing the illustration yet. Got to practice more and pretty much do more studies! :P hehe 
But I promise will upload if the illustration is done! ;)

So its still progress, right? hehe

Hope to upload more! :D 

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