Friday, March 15, 2013

Tumblr-ing down and tweet tweet-ing away

Hey guys! :) How are you? Hope you all doing well. 

 I decided to make an account in tumblr and join twitter :)

I actually joined in the bandwagon of the tumblr world because as an artist its good to put yourself out there. I hear tumblr is another way to that. I saw a tumblr ask me entry from Betsy Bauer And most of my artist friends do agree that it is a good way to put your work out there for you to be discovered and grow as an artist. And I can follow and learn more artists from the tumblr world! :) 

So, it will be another place for me to share my sketches, illustrations, practices, maybe some doodles. Maybe mainly my final illustrations. :) This blog will still be my home for all my art dumping! :) hehe

***Though be warned, there's still nothing posted in my tumblr. Still figuring it out :) Still need to do some fixing. Maybe I shall post my Woodrose inspired work to start of. :) And will post my two new illustrations there too besides here in my blog! :) So there is something to look forward! :) Wohooo!

Well for twitter? I decided I'd be joining because a friend told me its a good way to contact and connect with wonderful artists you admire. Especially most the artist I do follow in blogger do have twitter. :) It would be a great way to get to know them better, know what's going in their lives in the industry and maybe ask some few pointers (???) hehe if they have the time and are kind enough. :) 

And its a good way for you guys to be updated with my posts in tumblr and blogspot! :) You know, if ever you don't check your dashboards here on blogger. hehe

Here are the links to my Tumblr and Twitter. :)

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