Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Updates and Apologies

Hello folks! :)

And yes, I am guilty of NOT UPDATING. :( Yes, I do apologize. I said I'll be posting here but... c'mon blogger... you're so hard to update. :( It's hard to load photos in here not like tumblr.  :( So it really takes a while. And its hard for my to upload thru my phone which I usually do once I do some updating or WIPs. But not to worry, I will update. :) 

In a few minutes... unless...blogger wants to take a long time updating. :( sorry folks! But, please go to my tumblr if you want the updates. Pretty much its WIPs or teasers which you've missed. My decent images aren't yet up there, so no worries! :) 

And for my tumblr folks there... i shall upload some of my old works so you get to see my old works! :D 

Just click on the TUMBLR to see my other art blog! :)

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