Monday, March 11, 2013

WIP series: Analogous

Hello folks!!! :) 

So this is my second project for my WIP series.... ANALOGOUS!!!!

Let me tell you, its tricky! :P Been doing this for a few days. Whenever I want to try to do it, I just get frustrated. Sometimes, I just look at the screen for a long time. :)) haha

It's tricky because there are a lot of colors involved. Even if each color has values intact, its hard for me to choose which one I will use. :( But I asked some help from my mentors and they helped a bit. hehe... Well whenever I am talking to them, it seems its so easy but when your doing it by yourself .... O.O (I feel a bit silly and stupid...WHY?!?!) haha I'll be asking some help again. 

Oh well, its part of the process :) Just need to persevere and never give up. So I kept working on it. I even placed all my inspiration images for that illustration. If there was a software like a bulletin board I could've used that to pin my photo inspirations! :)) hehe I couldn't print them, it would look different printed I made use of the little spaces and photoshop. hehe 

(From top left:) A photo with fireflies in a bottle. Got inspired by the colors! :) So lovely! (BTW, got this from tumblr. Sorry, I forgot who's. :( ) Then a photo of my thumbnail sketch to keep in check my values (IT'S VERY IMPORTANT MY FRIEND! Very! IT GUIDES YOU LIKE CRAZY! hehe), then a screenshot from Monster's University trailer. It gives me an idea of the mood I wanted to establish :) Seems bittersweet kind of mood :) , and a screenshot of Architecture 101 a beautiful Korean film! I should recommend you to watch it! :) It's lovely! :) Got the inspiration of two people in love. :) 

And then here's some more progress:

Ugggh! Can't get the mood right. :( 

To be honest I am tempted to go back to Monochrome and use different shades of color instead of yellow. However, that wouldn't be right. I can't stay in my comfort zone. I need to experiment and go somewhere I have never done before. :) To gain more experience, to gain more knowledge, and to grow as an artist. :)

I shall keep trying! :) Maybe rest for a bit and start on it again! :) 

You are welcome to suggest anything. :) I do appreciate one! :D

Anyway, I will keep you posted and hopefully soon show you the final product. :)

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