Saturday, March 9, 2013

Remembering Yesterday

Hello folks! :)

So here is the final look from my WIP series: Monochrome

Title: Remembering yesterday

An Illustration inspired by my childhood memories in Woodrose, my high school. :) Sorry it took so long to update :P hehe I actually finished it on March 3, 2013 but I consulted and asked some critic and advice from professors/co-workers to improve it. 

So there you go! :) WOHOOO!!!! 

Achievement unlock for my first episode in my WIP series (what episode??? haha just made it up. It seemed cool. Maybe I'll be calling it that. I mean as a whole it is a series. No its too long. GULO KO!) haha 

Next in line for my WIP series are Direct Complimentary and Analogous :) 

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