Saturday, March 2, 2013

Introduction to WIP series and WIP series: Monochromatic

Hello folks! :) Have you seen my old post of thumbnail-ing practice? Well, as you can see I've been trying my own kind of composition and illustration while practice thumb-nailing and values.

Now, I am trying to push a little bit more and applying some color into it. Not only color, but practicing how color can help the composition to be a bit more interesting.

So, here it is...I shall welcome you to my WIP series :) So not to be confused, WIP stand for "Work in Progress". And I'll be making some series of work...from thumbnail practice to values to applying it in color until the finish product! :)

*It's a good way for me to practice on my illustrations! ;) And a way for me to be motivated to work and finish them! ;) wohooo! haha

So for today, I will be starting on WIP series: Monochromatic

Did you recognize this little thumbnail? It's my Woodrose Inspired thumbnail practice! :) For this little thumbnail practice I wanted my illustration to work on monochromatic. :) I used yellow to showcase the sunny and the joy I remembered as a child growing up and studying in Woodrose! :) Just seeing the kids the last time I visited just made me so nostalgic. Seeing them playing at the fields just made me remember how it was to be young and carefree. Hopefully with this practice, I'll be able to get the mood too!

I wanted to try all the techniques for me to familiarize and practice. It's a good way to know when, how and why to use these techniques for a composition or illustration. :) So, good luck to me! :) hehe

BTW, don't mind the blue, red and green in my palette. :P hehe I was hoping to make a "plaid" which was an obvious part of the uniform for a Woordose student. :P hehe Still in the process of placing it or not! ;) You'll see.

Will post the final look soon! Will keep you posted!

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