Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sketches part1

Ohhhhkay!!! :D

First of all, I've watched the interview video of one of my idols, Pascal Campion. :D It was beautiful in a way it was inspiring. :)

I had always have the concept na nakakahiya ipakita yung mga drawing ko kasi di pa ako marunong and its not worth to share to people because it is not yet good. But he made me rethink that. :) You should share your work because you will never know what stories you could have said in that certain drawing or sketch. You will never know you are a good storyteller. And sharing your work is part of the CREATIVE PROCESS.

So here are my sketches! I actually finished my ever first sketchpad! :)) hehehe So here they are. No more hiding! :)) hahaha... share na kung i-share! :)

BTW, if there are any similar characters you see or drawings i don't mean to copy them- i just wanted to practice.

And i guess one more thing to practice is for, is drawing something that can give out feelings or emotions to your audience. How to tell a story with those drawings. :D

Thank you again, Mr. Pascal Campion. :) I will do my best! :)

Comments and healthy criticism are welcome :)


  1. >:D< i'm so proud of youuuu! :D i agree, you should totally keep sharing from now on! :D -marielle

  2. Marielle, thank you so much! :D:D I need ALL the ENCOURAGEMENT in the world! :)) hahaha

    Share, share, share is the way! :)

  3. Tandaan mo lang sinabi ng taga Rune Entertainment,
    don't be shy :)

    I agree, IT is a part of a creative process. :D

    Keep yourself Inspired ;)
    GOOD JOB!!
    sobrang cute ng drawings mooooooo!!!. :)
    I love it. KEEP IT UP! :D

  4. Ya nga eh! :) I also remembered them when i watched Pascal Campion's video! WOW!!! :D:D

    We can do this!!! :D:D

  5. I saw that video too!!! And it was because of him that made me create my blog!! :D Coolness!

    Where do you study animation? Curious lang :)