Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello :)

Hey there! :D

I know i've not post anything yet or written anything yet since I made this blog. :P I was hesitant to post sketches and some drawings I made.

Well, i am not yet THAT good in drawing...hehe. i am still learning and i am willing to learn :D Keep moving forward and keep drawing. :P hehe

A friend of mine made a post of a quotation from one of my idols and she posted: ‎"The more you draw, the better you're gonna get" -Pascal Campion" Because of this it gave me a little motivation to just post my sketches and drawings. :D Thanks Nicole! :D:D Go, go,go!!! :D:D I can do this! hahaha This quotation will forever stick in my head. :) hahaha

So here it goes! :D I will post sketches and drawings already. (*ehem* Anna Villaluna, mag-post ka na rin ;) hehehe :P Let's do this!)

And anyway, it will be good to see my improvement, right? :) hehehe

I hope you guys who may see my blog one day, enjoy them! :P Healthy criticisms are welcome though :D At least I am learning from other people too! :) Thank you in advance! :)


  1. Hi Issel :D I'm excited to see your drawings :3

  2. woohoo! I can't wait too!! :D post ka naaaaa :D heheh

  3. wooooah!!! i didn't know you'd comment!! :)) hahaha thanks! :D

    Teka lang, inaayos ko pa lang kasi yung mga gawa ko! :P

    BTW, Riiiiin! di ko alam may blog ka! :P hehehe ano blog mo? So I can follow you! :D

  4. asan na mga naka SCAN na works mo?