Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photoshop practice

So, here are my drawings using photoshop. I'm trying to also draw and color in digital. :)

I know there not yet that clean and perfect. But I just want to share to you guys what I have so far. :) Am proud of it. :) At least I can draw and it is a start. :)

Some of them are not shaded and 1 is shaded (but i don't know if it's right... :P) because I'm pretty lost when it comes to your own character's shading. But I am still figuring it out and learning how to do it. :D So, just wait for the updated one :D

I am also acknowledging my friend Nicole Mendoza for helping me in drawing the lips of the blond girl, James Manlangit for teaching the technique in the pen tool thing even if I am lost and i am not applying it I am extremely thankful :D I will one day apply it, proooomise! Just teach me again. hahaha :P (I'm so slooow! :P) and Patrick Soriano for teaching me how to color :D Thank you so much talaga...i know it's a small thing but I appreciate it and thankful. :)


KEEP DRAWING! :D Wohooo!!! :)

Ohya! BTW, if you are wondering why their skins or their colors are really weird, I am trying this thing I observe in some drawings they don't usually use flesh all the time and what I learned from my prof wherein you use different colors to come up with the color you want your audience to see. :P It is hard to explain but... just try to understand. Anyway, I am still in the process of finishing them :D Just wait for the updates. :P hehe

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  1. GO ISSOL! hehe KAYA MO YAN! SWEAR. KEEP IT UP ^^ POST MORE! And don't be shy to show your works :D