Monday, February 4, 2013

thumbnail practice

It's been my dream to illustrate amazing and story driven illustrations. Just like the works of Pascal Campion, Pricilla Wong, Stevie Ray, Ryan Andrews, Maike Plenzke and a lot more artist I admire, I want to capture the amazing illustration. And to be able to do that, I learned I need to practice my values, composition, mood and of course digipainting.

On the past few weeks, thanks to a professor I am also working with named sir Patrick and tips from my co-workers like Sheila Lee, Kara Leonardia and a lot more (And yes, I have my outmost praise and thanks to them! :) Learned a tons from them!) I've learned few things to achieve my dream. :P hehe

In my first attempt, this is what've done:

Need to work on the blending thing and more :P hehe BTW, I used a beautiful photo reference for this, just to clarify! :P hehe not mine! :)

Then upon practicing some more, Sir Patrick told me to make thumbnails. Instead of working on the canvas in a large scale, I have to zoom it out and work on it. Use a huge brush and just get the essentials first then details later. :)

So here are some of thumbnailing and again, I used references on it. Usually I get shots from movies which have amazing cinematography. :)

upper left: Skyfall (2012),  lower left: Still Life (2006) and a photograph for the right one 

reference: from a photograph
Will keep practicing! :)

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