Sunday, February 3, 2013

code: P.P. and P

I made this illustration for a personal project and of course for practice. :)

Tried to do Ellioli Sister's style which is to use solid colors and use brushes for texture and Pricilla Wong. I tried this because I was used to solid colors. Wasn't really good at painting it impromptu which some artists are more adapt. But I've got to try that. hehe

But, I still need to work on my values, digipaint and composition. :) Thanks to the past few weeks, I've been learning a lot. And I am very thankful and grateful for a lot of people because of that. :)

I'll try to scan the gesture drawings I've been working on. Let's see if I've improved. ;)


  1. grabe issel, parang kelan lang humihingi ka pa sakin ng advice nung nasa fully booked tayo. haha! you've improved so much. i'm really happy for youuuu~ -hugs- moar moar!! haha :)

  2. Aaawww, GAAAABI!!! >:D< Thaaaank you sooo much! It means a lot to me what you've said! :) *BIG HUGE HUG* :)