Monday, February 18, 2013

Away you go

Made a fan art of one of my favorite and admired artist, Ryan Andrews's recent comic :) Just got so inspired to make one. :P 

Loved his recent comic. If you want to read it here's the link: This Was Our Pact. It was actually nice of him to share it for free. :) Hope I could buy his compiled comic when it is published. Hehe It was actually in kickstart but I had no clue how it confused how it works by the time I wanted to try and buy ended. :( hehe Oh well, will wait for his FULLY COMPILED comics one day! :P

In this illustration I twicked it a bit. The lantern I made was inspired by the one in Tangled. :) And instead of a chinese or japanese wordings in the lantern which is usually the case, I mimic my native's old alphabet which is called BAYBAYIN. It writes, mahiwagang isda which means magical fish. :) And that person was suppose to be me... but it was a failed attempt! :)) hahaha oh well...its a working progress. :P

And here are my sketches I made before I made the final one :)

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