Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful Monster

Funny how in one picture you could come up with so much things. :)

Today, I was doing one of my concept art for my thesis. I was playing around with the design when suddenly I saw something forming. I can see a monster or owl in it.

So, i made eyes, some feathers, a funny nose and VOILA!


I just got this title from the song I was listening to, while making my concept art which was Neyo's "Beautiful Monster". :P

This is what I was making (so far, not really yet done):

BTW if your are interested on the outcome of the finished product of concept art, here it is:


  1. It's so beautiful. Teach me, Issel. AHAHAHA.

  2. Rin: Thank you, Rin! :) hehehe Sige ba! I'll teach you :P hehe

    Mariel: Thank you, Mariel! :D